All-Mountain Enduro tour

All-mountain, Enduro and Freeride – we combined all these styles into one tour! You decide how long to pedal uphill to the start of descending trails which are of different length and technical complexity. Ancient serpentines, forest trails and incredibly rocky descends – all these you will find on the slopes of Montenegro. We offer a unique opportunity to improve your physical condition and riding skills and more experienced riders can enjoy technical tracks with lots of natural obstacles.

Day 1.

After meeting you at the airport Tivat or Podgorica we drive up by a serpentine road built by Austrians more than hundred years ago to Negushi village. Negushi is a native village of the most admired ruler of Montenegro Petr Petrovich Negosh. It is located on a picturesque plateau at the foot of Lovchen Mountains on the height of 840  meters. Then we put the luggage at our apartments, assemble the bikes and make a short trip around plateau.

Day 2.

We start with uphill to Lovchen National Park by the road with beautiful views of Kotor bay, Lushtica peninsula and Adriatic Sea.  Then we make a round trip around the park by singletracks and macadam roads. After a short break we pedal up to the Ezersky Vrh (Lake peak). You can make your way up by a vehicle if you wish. We also suggest you to go to the top of the mountain where Negosh mausoleum is situated. There is a tunnel cut in the stone with more than 400 steps leading there. Or you can use old serpentine path used before construction of mausoleum. A magnificent view to mountains Durmitor, Komovi, Belasica and Prokletye opens from the top.  Then follows descend from Lake Peak to the center of the park by a rocky singletrack with plenty of switchbacks. After a short uphill ride we descend to Negushi village by a long technical singletrack. Overall daily rise 1100 meters. Overall daily descent 1100 meters.

die hard endurosDay 3.

This day we start with uphill to Lake  Peak or we can uplift you with vehicle if you want. Then follows descend of more than 6 kilometers long to Negushi village by a rocky singletrack cut through forest. After descending to Negushi we pedal up or take a lift by vehicle on an ancient serpentine where the oldest café of this region is located. It is opened since 1885 and serves tasty homemade cheese and smoked ham called “prshut”. After pass we descend to ancient village by rocky winding singletrack. After short but steep uphill you pick up a singletrack in a picturesque valley which is a part of “Rock Sea” uplands. Narrow path with short rocky descends and technical uphill’s wind between villages. After a short brake we return to the pass on the way to Negushi. You can choose to go up by a vehicle if you wish. After pass we hit very technical and unbelievably rocky singletrack  which descends through the pastures to Negushi. Overall daily rise 1500  meters. Overall daily descent 1500 meters.

Day 4.

Transfer to Durmitor National Park. Our route goes along valleys of rivers Tara and Moracha. The Canyon of Tara River is deepest in Europe and second deep in the world. Its walls raise more than kilometer high and the river itself is called tear of Europe for its clear and pure water.

The excursion lasts about five hours and ends in Zablyak town which is situated on the plateau at about 1450  meters above sea level.

Day 5.

Riding at Durmitor National Park. We start with uphill to a pass at an altitude of 1907  meters above sea level. From pass we descend through alpine meadows by grassy singletracks down to the lakes then a bit of an uphill and down again through rocks and meadows. After a short break we pedal up again or take a vehicle to the same pass and descend to the other side by a rocky valley of a small river.

Day 6.

This day we continue exploring the Durmitor  Mountains.  We will ride technical cross-country style singletracks around magnificent Black Lake and Snake  Lake. After riding we will drive you back to the coast passing Shavnik and Nikshich towns and it will take us about three hours.

Day 7.

The longest and hardest descent awaits you this day! It starts from the top of Lovchen Mountains (Lake Peak) and ends at the walls of Kotor  Old Town on the sea level. First we take a singletrack to the center of park which is recognized from the first riding day. Then after a short uphill we continue by an incredibly rocky path to Negushi village and after a short part of tarmac road above Kotor bay we pick up a singletrack winding through coniferous forest. This singletrack has a steep gradient and loose soil with stones so you can practice downhill skills there. Exiting the forest we enter an ancient serpentine path built at the times of Byzantium empire rule. The path is considerably destroyed and full of loose stones. Some parts of path go by the edge and 61 switchbacks require much attention. After riding you can walk nice and narrow streets of Old Town Kotor.  Overall daily rise 100 or 600 or 990 meters depending on your wish. You can pedal uphill to the Lake Peak from Cetinie town or from the entrance to national park or you can save some extra power for the descent. Overall daily descent 1550 meters.

Day 8.

On the last day you will ride at the Orjen Mountains which are the highest in the coastal part of Montenegro. Its highest peak is 1893  meters above sea level and the pass through which goes the route is at about 1600  meters. We start with a transfer to remote mountain village not far from Herzog Novi town. On our way we cross strait “Chains” by a ferry boat. This strait is named so because it was blocked by chains so that enemy ships could not enter the Kotor  Bay. We can start uphill ride from one of those mountain villages depending on how long you want to pedal up. After reaching the pass we descend by an ancient macadam road cutting it by rocky technical singletracks at some places. Then we continue dodging through Orjen Mountains up and down on macadam road until we reach rough singletrack which will lead us directly to the narrow streets of Herzog Novy. After ride you can visit the old pirate’s town Perast from which one can take a boat to the islands of Kotor Bay. Overall daily rise 820 or 1160  meters. Overall daily descent 1530 meters.

Day 9.

Departure. We take you to Tivat or Podgorica airport.

Price of a standard tour 640 Euros

What’s included:

  • – Transfers from/to Tivat or Podgorica airports.
  • – Transfer to Durmitor National Park and back
  • – Transfers to riding places
  • – supporting vehicle during the whole tour
  • – 8 nights at hotels and apartments.
  • – Snacks for all riding days (bananas, muesli bars, fruit bars) +isotonic +drinking water
  • – National Parks entrance fees.
  • – General technical support for your bike (spares not included)
  • – Guiding service and useful riding hints.
  • – Tourist tax

It does not include:

  • – Flights
  • – Breakfast, lunches and supper. There is a greate variety of different food for any taste in Montenegro.
  • – Personal spendings
  • – All additional entertainment and museum fees. Average museum entrance fee is 2 to 5 Euros
  • – Traveller’s insurance (compulsory)

What equipment to bring?

Minimal clothing to bring:

2 cycling jerseys, 2 pairs of cycling shorts, waterproof jacket, windproof jacket, cycling gloves, helmet. Riding pants and warm clothing is required if you come in May or September. We recommend bringing knee/shin protection, elbow protection if you wish. Casual shoes and cloths, some warm jacket because it is rather cold in the evening when we stay in mountains. And of course don’t forget mountain boots. Check here and here.

Type of bike suitable for this tour:

the best is all-mountain full suspension bike with 120mm to 160mm of travel, disk brakes and 2,35-2,4 wide tires. You can use a hard-tail bike with suspension fork with at least 130 mm of travel, disk brakes and 2,35-2,4 wide tires. You should have some experience riding hard-tail in mountains.

What spares to bring?

You should bring at least: spare mech hanger, tube, rubber patches and pads for your brakes if they are not new at the start of tour. All other is at your wish. In Montenegro you can purchase only simple bike components, cables and hosing.

Best time to plan your trip: from 1st of May till end of September.